Friday, 12 January, 2018

U.S spy drone and Iran’s high capabilities


These days, U.S. drone is the name which has become a familiar name for the entire world and as an honor for Iranians.

It drew the attraction of people and media from all over the world. All the major and popular news media around the world published it as their headline. According to the news, Iranians based on their strong scientific power, took the control of America’s spy plane and captured it.

All people and media confessed to high scientific and defensive power of the Islamic Republic of Iran so that Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, said in an interesting comment that: “Iranians have unusual talent in the field of cyber operations and Americans are not able to recognize it.”The type of U.S. officials’ reaction to this matter was also a remarkable point. At first, U.S. officials generally denied this news and after a while they stated that Iran has not the scientific skills required to take the control of this advanced drone. They also called it as a psychological warfare by Iran. Further, U.S. Scientific experts stated that the only way for Iran to achieve this spy drone could have been through targeting and damaging it. But after a one day, Islamic Republic demonstrated its scientific and defensive power again to the entire world specially its enemies through displaying the photos of a perfect and flawless drone.


At this time, U.S president Barack Obama surprisingly called Iran to send back the U.S. drone. However, Iranian officials reacted strongly to these comments such as Iranian defense minister Ahmad Vahidi said: “The US spy drone is in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s possession as a war booty and our country will decide what to do in this regard”.

It is also noteworthy to mention a comment by U.S. State Department Persian-Language Spokesman, Alan Eyre in this regard: “All people know that we have readiness to talk with Iranians, even Khajeh Hafez Shirazi!”


Given Iran’s complaint on the violation of its airspace by U.S, It is essential for United Nations to impose an extreme penalty against U.S intended to prevent it to repeat violating the sovereignty of the countries such as Iran.


This is a talking point referred to it in a letter written by Iran to the head of U.N Security Council and the U.N Secretary-General. In this letter, Iran urged the United Nations to condemn the violation of its air space by a U.S. drone and sought “clear and effective measures” to end such “dangerous and unlawful acts” against the country.


As violating international laws by U.S in this story is fully obvious and clear, it is not necessary to consider the U.S aggressive action legally. But, it is noteworthy to note several points in order to address the ambiguities.


  1. 1.Sending an unmanned drone to one country violates its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Independence and territorial integrity of a country are principles which have been accepted by the all members of U.N. Thus, even if U.S drone was not intended to military and espionage aims (e.g. for geographical and biological aims), because it lacked the permission of Iranian government, consequently, violated the main principle of sovereignty.
  2. 2.Sending the spy plane violates the rule prohibiting the use of force. Another point is that since the aircraft which penetrated to a depth of 250 km of Iranian territory was a spy plane and for military researches, the move is considered as a war of aggression according to international laws. Thus, it has violated the rule prohibiting the use of force which is one of the original international principles and rules.
  3. 3.The spy plane, in violation of the international rule of non-interference in internal affairs of other states.

Aside from the first two, there is another issue. Since the plane controlled by the Iran’s Ministry of Defense is an airline with the mission of espionage, the important international rule of non-interference in the internal affairs of other states has been violated.

The international rules and laws that are in violation of this motion are not limited to a few cases.

In response to Iran’s complaint to the UN, spokesman for the Pentagon John Kirby stated that some people are seeking to restore the American unmanned drone.

Referring to one of the most important legal rules under the name of legitimate defense law, Iranian professor of law Seyed Ghasem Zamani said that: “Iran had authority to overthrow the drone or capture and ultimately chose the second option. U.S. is not able to do any action legally to restore it.”

However, it seems that Iran’s legal efforts won’t lead to tangible results due to former tendentious positions of U.N.

Undoubtedly, the most important issue about this story is the obvious violation of the provisions of international laws and treaties. These operations demonstrated again that despite its frequent emphasis on supporting international laws, U.S. is one of the biggest governments which fre

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