Friday, 20 December, 2019

U.S. Unfair Response to Iran’s “Good Faith”

By: Vahid Jafarian

The U.S. State Department on Friday issued an Iran travel warning, claiming that U.S. citizens traveling to Iran, particularly Iranian-Americans, risk arrest and detention in the Islamic republic.

State warned that both Americans and dual national Iranian-Americans need to “carefully consider” the risks of traveling to Iran.

This comes just days after Iran released five Americans, including four dual Iranian nationals, charged with spying, in a prisoner swap coinciding with the lifting of economic sanctions on Tehran as the implementation of a deal to curb its nuclear program began.

The question is why United States has issued such a warning only a few days after Iran showed its good faith in the release of the dual citizens charged with spying.

The U.S. apparently continues to represent Iran as an ‘unsafe and dangerous’ country while developments in recent months have shown that Iran really seeks peace and friendship with all countries of the world, even its foes.

The Iran travel warning comes just as European and non- European diplomatic missions and tourists have already rushed to Iran as sanctions are lifted.

The U.S. hostile measures against Iran over recent decades are no secret, and whereby the arrest of few suspects who apparently intended to spy into Iran does not seem “strange and absurd”.

On the contrary, over the years of hostility between the two countries, hundreds of Iranian American citizens, have traveled to Iran without any problems or risk of facing “hostile” actions, “harassment,” and “arrest” in Iran.

Does the United States warmly receive the spy suspects that, at the same time, expect a similar behavior from Iran?

Earlier, France, United Kingdom and Australia, have relaxed travel advice for their citizens following the historic nuclear deal.

The U.K. even reopened its embassy in Tehran in August after a four-year closure. But the Americans continue to insist on their long-standing claims against Iran, which does not fit within the framework of recently improving relations between the two countries.

In short, the U.S. response to Iran’s peaceful behaviors cannot be fair and equitable while the Islamic Republic is looking for friendly interaction with the outside world.

Image: Washington Post freed  reporter Jason Rezaian (R) is greeted by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry at the grand opening of the Washington Post newsroom in Washington January 28, 2016. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

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