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Untimely New Sanctions, Credibility and Economic Woes of United States

Tuesday, September 2, 2021

Abdolreza Ghofrani

For apparently anonymous reasons, at least unknown for this author and probably for many other analysts and scholars, US government did impose new sanctions on some Iranian citizens and corporates. Though taking this step in these circumstances, when critical and sensitive nuclear talks between Iran and 5+1 is going on, was quite strange and unexpected, it sounds that such an action by US administration or at least some hardliners in the Senate and government was not unusual.

We cannot but accept that this is a policy of US Government that has been working for decades and everybody is quite aware of this. It goes without saying that in spite of  domestic and international harsh criticism on this policy for decades, Washington has always been ( and still is) pursuing this policy that not only harm her own interests but causing great losses and anguish for the whole world.

Simply and briefly speaking, this policy is nothing but hypocrisy and non-binding to international norms and commitments. In a legal term, I dare to say that United States has greatly encroached the inviolable principle of “Pacta sunt servanda”(in Latin means “Agreement must be kept” and is the brocade and a basic principle of civil and international law). It seems that this principle covers all ranges of commitments and even voluntary promises (legally and ethically) and non-binding obligations.

There is no doubt that the “Joint Action Plan “, signed last November by Iran and 5+1, may not be legally binding unless the final agreement reached between the two sides. Because according to this instrument, that the foreign ministers have put their signature on it, all parties involved agreed to refrain “voluntarily” from any action including sanctions that may impede and adversely affect the process of the talks.

By and large, in any ongoing negotiations and talks, aimed at resolving disputes, either party, if there is strong and good will, does its best to refrain any words or deeds that may impede the process. This US action being taken, simultaneously, by irrational and immature justifications, show exactly that there is not yet enough good will on the other side that is the United States. Moreover, it is undeniable that Americans’ motive, of course necessarily not all of them, as many impartial analysts commented, is nothing but to gain consent of powerful Israeli lobbies having great influence in the administration and more in US Capitol Hill.

I, and many other analysts, time and again, have reiterated that unfortunately Americans cannot be trusted and counted on their promises. Because as long as US administration and congress are so much bullied by Israeli lobbies, who are actually run its foreign policy,  good results cannot and should not be expected. Naturally this foreign policy formed by others, as many observers believe and so do I, will not bring anything but more adversities to the single Americans; and eventually  worse economic situations that now do exist. This ongoing policy naturally will be conducive to more economic dire.

It is obviously an undeniable fact that the world public opinion need to be aware that over the past six months Iran’s policy and stand have been pretty balanced, rational and fair, having a strong will to resolve the nuclear issue on win-win basis. To prove its good will, Iran has not spared any efforts to help restore peace and stability in any region that might have endangered world peace. It has pursued the same policy in nuclear issue. The reports of IAEA are undeniable to prove this.

More important is that in spite of these untimely and unjustified new sanctions, Iranian top ranking officials have reaffirmed that they would never be ones to leave the nuclear talks table. It is just because there is a strong political will in Iranian government to resolve this unnecessary dilemma caused hue and cry by a certain special circles.

Besides, by this, Iranian government verifies that its mere goal is to restore sustainable peace and security in all parts of the world. To do this Tehran has not spared any effort, whatsoever to serve that significant goal.

Now having all these in mind, what is American administration response to its people and the whole world? Can it be anything but other than consenting a few Israeli Circles albeit at the cost of American economy and its people being better off? How many time more the American people need to pay the heavy price and worse disgracefulness for the irrational policies their administration make under the pressures of a few; those who are warmonger and having no goal but chaos and  horrors? Sooner or later US administration may recognize this, hopefully before it is too late.

I would like to quote a phrase from the prized book, “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers” by Dr. Paul Kennedy and I translated this book 25 years go into Farsi ,who said, “all those factors and forces that may rise a great power can cause it to fall.”

*Abdolreza Ghofrani is a former senior Iranian Diplomat and now an international analyst.

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