Monday, 19 February, 2018

Untimely Report by US Concerning Iran’s Human Rights


By: Vahid Jafarian

As time shows the ending days of nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1 as well as the possibility of the deal, United States tries to sabotage the deal by publishing its annual report of world’s human rights including Iran.
On Thursday, according to its report, United States has considered countries such as Iran, Cuba, Myanmar, and Vietnam as the violators of human rights in the world. (Putting Iran on the list next to Myanmar is very interesting!)
This report was published exactly when next round of nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1 have been initiated since today.
Moreover, US Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, in a letter which one copy sent for Fox News, addressed US Republican Senators that “Iran is still a sponsor of terrorism in the world and tries to boost its operational power in regional crises and terrorist attacks.”
It seems that such measures taken by United States on the threshold of new round of nuclear talks would both derail the talks and cultivate the seed of mistrust in Iranians and worst of all, would increase the pressure of Iranian hardliners on Iran’s negotiators.
Yet, this question could be raised that why such a report was published at this very time? Why wasn’t it postponed to another time? Did the pressure of Israeli lobbies and other US critics push the Government to publish such a report?
Suppose that US State Department was forced to publish this report but the question is that why Americans did not wait and see the results of talks?
Why has Obama bowed to the demands of Israel and some Arabic countries in spite of his emphasis on nuclear talks as well as the deal?
This report was published exactly when US State Department claimed last week that Iran still supports terrorist attacks in various regions of the world. Surprisingly as it is, Iran has always been a victim of terrorism. When those so-called sponsors of anti-terrorism in the world were silent, Iran was the only country which seriously confronted with ISIS in Syria and Iraq.
Anyway, all recent decisions and measures of United States are for the benefit of Israel, Saudi, and some other countries. Maybe in the near future, US itself would regret taking such actions.

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