Tuesday, 03 September, 2019

US agrees to lift sanctions for Iran Air ATR spares

The US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has given turboprop manufacturer ATR permission to supply Iran Air with spares to keep its fleet in the air.

The Iranian flag carrier has 13 of the Franco-Italian ATR 72-600s in its fleet. They formed the bulk of the few new-build Western aircraft to be delivered to Iran in the two-year window when US-led sanctions against the Tehran regime were lifted by the Obama administration. They were reimposed in August 2018 by President Donald Trump.

The US has made it clear it will take stringent measures against any Western companies supplying Iran with a wide range of goods and services without OFAC permission.

The ATR development occurred earlier this year but has not previously been announced.

“In April 2019, ATR was granted a license for the support of the Iran Air fleet (13 aircraft) from the OFAC,” an ATR spokesman told ATW Aug. 13. “This license authorizes ATR, in compliance with its terms, to export parts, components and tools, update software and provide technology necessary to ensure the safe operation of the aircraft. The license expires on the 30 April 2021.”

Iran Air ordered 20 ATR 72-600s, plus 20 options, in February 2016. A batch of five was delivered in the 24 hours before the sanctions were reimposed last year and it is understood that a further three were ready for delivery if the deadline had been delayed by 24 hours.

ATR initially hoped it would receive permission from OFAC to supply the remaining seven aircraft, but later accepted this would not happen.

Source: ATWonline

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