Tuesday, 22 March, 2016

US and Instrumental Use of Nuclear Talks


The principle of each negotiation is based on mutual respect; in other words, during the talks both sides should avoid posing any threats towards each other leading to pessimism and accusing each other that will result in derailment of talks. During the nuclear talks held between Iran and P5+1, US has tried to destroy it by denying the basics of negotiation which can lead to derailment of talks.

It seems that US, regarded its final goal to control Iran’s nuclear program, is willing to pursue other peripheral objectives in the region. In other words, US considers nuclear talks as an instrument to pursue its Iranophobia policy.

Although nuclear talks are ongoing but recent Camp David meeting and promises of Obama to some Arabic countries such as selling military facilities as well as defensive systems to them represent that US has tried to soothe the anxiety of Arabic countries by selling them advanced weapons.

Actually, the main purpose of nuclear talks should be the more stability and security in the Middle East leading to ensure Iran’s neighboring countries. But it sounds that US words are different from its actions. They have tried to bring chaos in the Middle East and pushed it to arms race which both are in contrast with the spirit of talks.

On the other hand, due to some conflicts between Democrats and Republicans over the possible nuclear deal, it is likely that by selling weapons to some Arabic countries, Obama has tried to satisfy Republicans. In other words, he tries to solve US internal problems through nuclear talks.

In all, it seems that US misuses nuclear talks because on one hand, they try to depict Iran as an international threat to sell weapons to Arabic countries and on the other hand, they solve their own internal conflicts.

As a conclusion, Arabic countries are more like a puppet in the hands of western countries especially United States of America. They are playing a dangerous military game by relying on US false intelligence. Arabic countries should be aware that US aims to control Iran and sell weapons to them. The point is that the more they have advanced weapons, the less they can use. For example, the 8-year-war between Iran and Iraq can prove this reality.

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