Friday, 15 November, 2019

US Behavior Analysis in Iran’s Nuclear Talks from Smart Power Perspective

By: Ali Reza Kachoiyan

By adopting the position as well as the approach of Smart Power in US foreign policies, Obama tries to depict Iran along with its nuclear program as the potential threat for international security. Based on the unconditional topics of the talks and affirmation of Iran’ non-compliance with the international community, Obama endeavors to emphasize on using the Hard Power against Iran. But firstly, he has to convince all his strategic allies regarding Iran’s non-compliance with the international community and secondly, he should push the international organizations such as IAEA and Security Council to apply Hard Power to Iran.  In this respect, the element and nature of US behavior towards Iran’s nuclear program are totally different from its earlier strategies. What highlights this difference is the complexity and subtlety of such techniques; consequently, by adopting such an approach, Obama uses some mechanisms to fulfill his purposes concerning Iran’s nuclear program.

 Mechanism of Diplomacy

In spite of his Presidential slogan in 2008 regarding the nuclear program of Iran, but it still seems that Obama has not represented improvements in this respect as many experts believe. His only improvement is the diplomatic talks with Iran, leading to the pre-conditional suspension of Uranium enrichment; hence, despite of his attempts to have effective and constructive talks with Iran but he failed to replace it with the policy of pressure and sanctions like the past US administrations. In other words, he has used it to advance the policy of “carrot and stick”.

 Mechanism of Building an International Consensus 

 Obama has smartly endeavored to build a consensus at different levels against Iran. He is well aware that unleashed pressure against Iran can make this county be dominant over the region. Therefore, Americans are trying to build an international consensus to exert pressure on Iran. On one hand, Obama is willing to prevent Israel from attacking Iran and on the other hand, he has tried to demonstrate Iran as an international threat to impose more crippling sanctions on Iran. Accordingly, Iran’s nuclear program is the heart core by which US proposes Iran’s human rights issue. In this respect, it is seemed that Iran’s nuclear program has provided the best pretext to build an international consensus.

 Mechanism of Restricting Iran by its Neighboring Countries

 Obama foreign policy think thanks believe that Iran should be engaged in a conflict which is cold, corrosive and extremely costly. This should be done with the support of US for Iran’s neighboring countries as well as bolstering their courage to confront with Iran. They should recognize Iran as a nuclear threat. To halt Iran’s nuclear program, we have to make both the international and regional atmospheres unpleasant for Iran. If Iran were to be engulfed by its neighboring countries, it would be difficult for Iran to bypass the sanctions. Yet, this US strategy will not be employed because Iran has a cooperative and fraternal relationship with its neighboring countries.

 Mechanism of Delaying Iran’s Nuclear Program Purposes

 To delay Iran’s nuclear program, the West has tried to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear technologies, exert diplomatic pressure on Iran, and take some preventive actions against Iran’s nuclear facilities if needed. On the contrary, Iran’s top officials have repeatedly affirmed the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program, stressing the decree of Iran’s Supreme Leader.

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