Sunday, 03 April, 2016

US behavior contrary to the confidence-building


By Vahid Jafarian

In the days before historic nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1, some Western countries led by Zionist regime had repeatedly predicted the Iran’s non-commitment to the provisions of the agreement and expressed a lack of confidence towards Tehran on the implementation of agreement.

The media under the control of these contras also were trying to convince the public opinion that Iran will not remain committed to nuclear deal and that’s why the sanctions should not be removed.

During the Implementation Phase,  however, what the world witnessed was exactly contrary to claims published by the international media.

Over the past few weeks, many foreign investors have complained about the sabotage by some Western countries, especially United States, the process of banking and economic exchanges with Iran.

Such actions clearly demonstrate the dishonesty of United States’ government in the case of Iran sanctions lifting and cause a widespread skepticism among Iranians towards Washington.

Although the Obama administration is under pressure from extremists, this will not be a good excuse for such sabotage actions, because Mr. Obama and his administration, as a party to the nuclear deal with Iran, must be held accountable for any obstructions in the field.

It is obvious that such actions by US government is nothing but sabotage the process of implementing nuclear deal, known as ‘Barjam’ in Iran.

If the Americans are committed to implementing ‘Barjam’, they should prevent the occurrence of such acts, because public opinion in Iran is very sensitive to such hostile actions and do not accept it.

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  1. Joe

    March 25, 2021 at 10:28 pm

    Iran will have to earn trust through verification, as well as their behavior. Launching missiles with anti-Isreali propaganda written on them, and trying to hack into U.S. computer networks was a sign that some in Iran want to continue things they way they were. Iran has not yet earned privileges to use the U.S. banking system. I hope that Iran is successful, but continuing to threaten Isreal’s existence and chanting Death to America will only harden the hearts of those whose trust you must earn.

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