Saturday, 14 July, 2018

Why Is US Dissatisfied with Netanyahu’s Speech?


The recent speech by Netanyahu in US Congress, like his previous ones, was an exploitation of American ideals and values to put solutions of Israel’s problems into American policies and purposes. It seems that US Fundamentalists and Conservatives are in favor of such discourse but his ruse no longer persuades them to accompany him. In fact, American Libertarians who are more pragmatic and sensible contemplate him, by experience, as a liar. As a result, Fundamentalists tried to encourage him to make their political scene more dazzling, but instead they couldn’t attract any attention. Due to his speech in the Congress, Libertarians wanted to let out a cry as Pelosi said.           

Israel is not really anxious about Iran’s nuclear weapons because they know well that Iran does not seek for making nuclear weapons. But international pressure, due to various reasons, on Iran’ economy, society, and structure has been an important factor for this regime. In other words, they are used to this routine process. Therefore, from Israeli perspective, any deal which can reduce the pressure on Iran is the ultimate nightmare. In all, at present, they live in distress. Such anxiety led Netanyahu to deliver a speech imperatively which get Americans especially hardliners to accept it.  

Netanyahu used a symbolic language as well as a weak ideology which were more like a joke. According to the supporting relationship between US and Israel, he mentioned the similarity of Iron Dome and dome of the Congress as well as the comparison of Iranians with Nazis, using the word of “anti-Semitisms” for Iranians. Such stupidity is in contrast to US pride and patriotism.

Another discourse which was mentioned by Netanyahu is the representation of Iran as an international threat. He foolishly provided any pretexts to represent Iran as a serious threat by giving some examples that Iran and ISIS are seeking to be on the throne of the Middle East. Such an imaginary and childish fantasy in US Congress, having the claim of world leadership, failed to exist. Democrats called it shameful.         

Netanyahu contributed a discourse to Americans in a way that they don’t know what to do. Phrases such as “deal, win in an operation and lose in all the war”, “a deal which pushes Iran to make nuclear weapons instead of preventing it”, “IAEA’s inspectors are responsible for only collecting data and documents rather than preventing Iran from making nuclear weapons” and “Producing nuclear weapons is accessible for Iran even without making any deal” call the structure of American policy-making into question. Mentioning “who can really make such a deal?”, They blame US administrations. There is no doubt that Democrats and Obama fails to accept it and unsurprisingly he did not watch Netanyahu’s speech on TV.         

At the end, Netanyahu proved that he only respects his own interests. He mentioned that there are three options for the reduction of international pressures on Iran. Firstly, Iran should back away from its hardline activities in the region and the world. Secondly, Iran should stop supporting Hezbollah and Hamas. Thirdly, Iran should not be a threat for the existence of Israel.  

At the last act of the play performed inconsistently by Bibi, he revealed his weaknesses before the audience. Yet, he nudged US to be loyal to Zionist ideology as well as not having any anxiety and fear in the war with Iran. It looks funny that an official person of a small country in US Congress manifested himself much more influential than its President and urged Representatives to be strong against Iran.   


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