Wednesday, 30 March, 2016

US Officials’ Double Standards towards American People


By: Mansour Afrasiabi

The US Channel, ABC, is one of thousands of channels, covering the news of murdering and killing of American journalists and correspondents by hands of ISIL as well as condemning such brutal savagery.

Have such media ever wondered how ISIL has come into existence? They believe that ISIL has been created by Al-Qaeda under the aegis of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Many believe that after his death, the person called as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has taken the helm of so-called Islamic State known as ISIL.

Spending time in a prison in Baghdad, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi met Sen. McCain, who is a senior American official, in an unknown place after he was released by the United States of America. The clandestine meeting provoked conflict for the entire Middle East including Iraq and Syria.

All countries have condemned brutalities of ISIL even those countries who played a key role in creating such a terrorist group and tried their best over the last five years. This has only one reason: terrorist activities of ISIL and its allies such as al-Nusra Front are not defendable. On the contrary, these countries did not expressed support and stand against countries who suffer from numerous damages caused by ISIL.

Does anybody think that which countries stand against ISIL on the ground? Do Americans not know ISIL has been supported by US, Turkey, Israel, and some other western countries? Have you ever thought that how ISIL can get enough facilities and equipment to continue its terrorist activities in the region?

Some policy-making centers in the US have created ISIL to fulfill its objectives in the Middle East. In other words, they use such a terrorist group to partition countries located in the Middle East to ensure the security of Israel.

If ISIL is the enemy of the US, why will not help those countries who are involved in fighting with ISIL on the ground? Not only the United States has not supported anti-ISIL groups but also supports the terrorist group.

How US officials and media justify such double standards and shed tears for those who were beheaded by ISIL? Unfortunately, the US has tried to show those groups who are really involved in fighting with terrorism such as Hezbollah as terrorists but did not show any strength in fighting with ISIL. Why do not the American people accuse US officials instead of being the supporters of ISIL?

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