Monday, 13 January, 2020

US Policy-makers in Bottleneck of Nuclear Talks

By: Ali Farahzadi

Iran’s nuclear negotiations are coming to end. These days, there is a special situation in US in terms of making a decision for a comprehensive deal with Iran. Notwithstanding vain attempts of US Senators such as Corker, Menendez, and other Republicans to derail talks, the situation is not in favor of them as well as Israel. Netanyahu is taking his last breath and US fails to give him the green light. It seems that due to him, the impact of Israeli lobbyists, as opponents of any deal with Iran, has been drastically reduced. In this respect, Obama not only failed to visit him but also his speech in the Congress will not be fruitful. 

It seems that a nuclear deal which is at an advantage for Iran is getting shaped. Republicans are doing all their best to have the full authority in any deal with Iran such as submitting a bill which gives the Congress right of reviewing and surveying the deal within 2 months. US senior negotiator, Wendy Sherman, already having a negative outlook on the deal, said in Carnegie Institute that Republicans, whose aims were not met by exerting the pressure on Obama, are determined to write a letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader, mentioning that after the presidency of Obama, US will not ensure compliance with the deal. By doing so, they urge to make Iran’s Supreme Leader reluctant to conclude a deal with the west. She added that it should not be forgot that in the next administration, US cannot easily shun away from the deal because it is made in the presence of P5+1.       

On the other hand, US needs a deal. Wendy Sherman said that the best way to prevent Iran from acquiring the nuclear weapons is to make a deal with this country. If so, the world would regard and support it as a logical and correct decision and Iran cannot seize a political opportunity to move in the way of becoming a nuclear state. There is no other way but to make a deal with Iran.      

Another US top negotiator said on Friday that a deal, even an interim one, which can stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons is much better than any defeat in talks because the lack of deal can stimulate Iran to resume its uranium and plutonium enrichment.   

Therefore, it seems that US is trapped in the bottleneck of deal. U.S newspaper Wall Street Journal wrote on Friday that the details leaked from deal demonstrated that US offered a lot of concessions in a way that these concessions are not yet offered in any other deals to any other countries. 

It is concluded that talks would provide a lose-lose situation for US in the future; that’s to say, any defeat in talks can boost Iran’s international opportunities and strengths to advance its nuclear capabilities. If a deal were made, the political capacity of enacting international decisions in relation to Iran’s nuclear issue would be missed for US.  

Moreover, Republicans draw their red lines due to their recent disappointment and Iranian diplomats did not find fault with them; hence, it is supposed that deal is reached. Yet, it shows that a lot of attempts have been made by Republicans and Israeli lobbyists to hinder any deal with Iran which under such circumstances, the success of deal is not predictable.  

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