Sunday, 18 February, 2018

Vienna Talks and Decline in Oil Price


By: Afrasiabi

Vienna talks ended while a majority of analysts as well as political and international observers considered that reaching to a final and comprehensive deal is out of mind. Maybe the situation got worse when 5+1 offered another suggestions to Iran, representing the concern of Israel and US allies in the region, i.e. Saudi Arabia.

From one hand, the hasty travel of Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister, Saud Al Faisal, to Vienna during the talks as well as his visit to US Secretary of State, John Kerry in the plane, which some believed John Kerry visited King Abdullah in the plane and went to the airport just because of him, and on the other hand, the regular call to Tel Aviv, all can show Israel’s concerns and anxiety of results of the possible deal.

It seems that Saudi Arabia, in a hasty and irresponsible action, has increased oil production and declined its price to bring Islamic Republic of Iran under pressure and attract the attention of developed countries such as 5+1 counties especially US in order to obstacle Iran. But this is more like political suicide, resulting in devastating its natural resources.

There is pure supposition in Saudi Arabia that any tactics should be used to stop and prevent Iran from getting a nuclear state. It is probable that they are the winner of tactics but definitely loser of strategy as well. There is no way for the world and 5+1 countries especially US but to accept that Iran is a peaceful nuclear state.

Wisdom, dignity, self-esteem and determination of Islamic Republic of Iran and its negotiating team have led the nuclear negotiations that there is no way but to accept the nuclear Iran.

Declining of oil price against Iran is not unprecedented. During Iran-Iraq War, those countries who supported Saddam Hussein through declining the oil price, made Iran earn just 1 to 2 dollars from each barrel but hopefully we passed from those dire straits with God’s help and intelligence of Supreme Leader.

By taking a quick look at the world history, it is important for Saudi Arabia to notice the position of Iran in Iraq, the country which was armed by them. If they ask for advice, we will tell them to stand beside not against Islamic Republic of Iran.

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