Saturday, 10 September, 2016

Western Trap for Saudi Arabia


By: Mansour Afrasiabi

Iraqi last despot, Saddam Hussain, who was supported by the western countries especially Americans as well as dollars of Saudi Arabia, invaded Kuwait on August 1990.

Some evidence shows that Saddam told American Chargé d’affaires in Baghdad before invading Kuwait; consequently, he did not show any reactions to such a decision, considered it as a national decision made by Saddam Hussain! Saddam regarded the silence of Americans as green light to his decision and ordered to invade Kuwait at the same night. Saddam was unaware of intention of United States and its ally Israel to occupy and dismember Iraq. To do so, they used it as an excuse to attack Iraq.

History is always a process of recurrent events. Saudi Arabia found the silence of western countries especially the United States and Israel’s encouragement as a golden opportunity to invade Yemen, waging an all-out war against them. But Saudi Arabia should not forget that providing facilities and dollars for Takfiris and Al-Qaeda will not be disregarded by western countries especially the United States. This point is of importance that many prisoners, incarcerated in Guantanamo, had Saudi passports and supported by Saudi princesses. Therefore, Saudi officials should know that the silence of western countries is not for their benefit and considered as a trap for them.

Saudi Government will face disastrous consequences of attacking Yemen in a near future. It is likely that Saudi Arabia will be condemned in international and human rights organizations, convicted as a perpetrator of war crimes in international courts, and finally, Hejaz will be dismembered and divided into different areas. All of them can be regarded as some consequences of attacking Yemen.

It is more interesting that not only United States and Israel enjoy dismemberment of Saudi Arabia but also countries such as Emirate and Qatar are more interested in breaking up this country. It stands to reason that these countries support dismemberment of Saudi Arabia because if so, one of their dreams would be fulfilled. If Saudi officials do not understand their position in the region, tomorrow will be very late for them.

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