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When Canada accuses Iran of violating human rights

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Political and insidious approaches to the concept of human rights have caused most damage to the human being’s fundamental rights and liberty. Canada has always been one of the countries Criticize the human rights records of other countries has been at the forefront; However, several published reports on human rights issues at the show C Ottawa has long faced major challenges in this field.
Report a glimpse of some of the major challenges Canada’s human rights
the government also taken a step on the way to meet them, and in some cases it has even contributed to them. Canada is one of the pioneers of practicing such a policy, and despite of violating human rights, has claimed to be a supporter of it; such a case seems like a joke but a lesson-taking joke.Consider following instances of human rights violations and ignorance of individuals’ freedom by the Canadian administration:

  • Bad and discriminated treatments of native Canadians and immigrants have been acknowledged in a report released by United Nations Human Rights Council. Such behaviors are clearly in violations of article 27 of United Nations’ treaty-based human rights system.
  • Interference and invasion of citizens privacy as an excuse of fighting against terrorism which is in violation of article 12 of universal declaration of human rights, and article 16 of United Nations’ treaty-based human rights system.
  • Canadian police’s brutality against the Toronto protestors which is against Canadian administration’s commitments.
  • Brutal treatment and violation of 15-year-old Omar Khadr’s rights, a Canadian citizen who was held in Guantanamo; the international amnesty has asked for compensation due to damage caused to him by Canadian administration.
  • The expulsion of Naeeme Ahmad from a learning center due to her Islamic Hijab, the mistreatment of this Muslim girls is in violation of article 18 of universal declaration of human rights, article 17 of United Nations’ treaty-based human rights system, and article 13 (section 1) of economic and social rights pact which confirms the freedom of religion and instruction.
  • Within 30 years, 50 women have been lost, but the Canadian government doesn’t respond to their families, and has ignored the demands of the committee of fights against segregation against women. These acts show the ignorance of Canadian government to its commitments for assuring the security of its citizens. Therefore, it violates the article 3 of universal declaration of human rights.
  • The torturing of one hundred innocent Afghans from 2006 to 2008 by Canadian administration, which is in violation of basic rights of these people, article 5 of universal declaration of human rights, and article 7 of United Nations’ treaty-based human rights system.
  • The local parliament of Quebec, by enacting a law, has forced Muslim women to uncover their Hijab if they are going to use public facilities, which is in contrast to their religious beliefs; in other words, they have been forced to act against their religious beliefs. Such a decree is in violation of freedom of religions, article 18 of universal declaration of human rights, and article 17 of United Nations’ treaty-based human rights system.

The abovementioned and the other instances of human rights violations suffice to show the inadequacy of Canadian administration; perhaps, this government, which violates the human rights, becomes responsible for its acts instead of interfering in other countries’ affairs and pretending to support human rights.

Another case in this report had highlighted the inhumane practices of the Government of Canada The Ottawa government was giving false information to Syrian authorities Torture of Canadian citizens on grounds of author provided them. But one of the most controversial examples of torture approved by the Government of Canada is manifest in the laws of this country. In April 2012
Was Canada’s use of torture to obtain information from the offender has released security the country’s police and security agencies can the criminals confessed under torture in its investigation or to refer to it. In a country with flagrant human rights abuses elsewhere grace is said, does not respect human rights and violations of your house will ignore it. Morass of hypocrisy and guile to turn this country would sink.

Canada is the first countries where the inhabitants are deprived of their basic rights as painful; country where human dignity is worth do it. In this country there is a decline in real democratic space.

Stephen Harper’s government in 2006 when it came to Human rights organizations in the country to be attacked Cut off from their fields and the funding provided. Harper government performance in silencing human rights and human rights organizations in this evident have been clear to all.

Alireza khademi

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