Monday, 13 January, 2020

Where is Donald Trump heading?!

By Abdolreza Ghofrani

In an executive order US new president has instructed the citizens of a couple of Muslim countries be rejected their application for entry visa or banned from arrival into States. This decision has allegedly been made to prevent the Islamic terrorist entering that country. Certainly granting or rejecting visas to alien citizens is an inviolable sovereignty right of any given country. Time and again this author as well as many other analysts and writers have reaffirmed this. However this inviolable right (rejecting visa) is pretty plausible provided that it does have strong and astute reasoning. Otherwise just rejecting visas based on illusions is an indication of non- observing and respect of the existing international conditions and should be taken as the guise to cover the problems and distortion of public opinion. Now it is necessary to wait for a while and see by these kinds of decisions, not unexpected by Trump, what really he is up to and where he is leading United States? Naturally the world needs to wait for the same decisions in other contexts over the months or years to come. Though there are some overall outstanding points that need to be focused.

First, according to US concerned officials the citizens of the Islamic countries in the list of so-called terrorists signed by Trump have had the least or nothing to do in terrorism acts. But it is irony the countries being mostly involved in terrorist acts, particularly inside US, have been excluded from the list. Now as to why these countries have been omitted? Any ordinary individual can simply figure out and answers to this question. Dealing favorably with the rich countries must be the top priority for a business-minded president and naturally should not come up as a surprise. For a business –minded man such as Trump, laws an orders such as international rules, human rights (that Americans steadily are charging others for its violation but they do it the most) ,global trade and other concerned international issues  are meaningless. Being populism is the best approach for some international business people to secure the best benefits.

Second, Trump has set an unprecedented and unfortunate record in US politics. Just briefly previewing 250 years of American history, bluntly indicates no presidential election has been as controversial and indecent as that in last November. Everybody may evoke presidential race in 2000.Though there was contentious and hard struggle between two rivals, AL Gore and George Bush on the counting of the votes ,there was never ever as much controversies as last year elections. However, from the very beginning of last year race, there have been protests, vast marches as well as violence and apparently there is no end to this in the sight and in fact American society is heading for unrest. This has been so extensive that even former secretary of State Marline Albright called this ban in granting visa to Muslim illegal.

Third, actually the history is a good and merciful teacher, inasmuch as it clearly and transparently reminds us everything. We have learned from the history that controvecial and maverick people (or as they call them populist in western culture populists) try to externalize the problems when they do not or cannot find solutions. Now Donald Trump has many problems at home and with his controversial approach cannot find solutions in the near future. Or principally he does not have any solutions for those problems. At least from his position one can read that  no solution is there. Because he talks a way that he has solution for every problem in his pocket. For instance he is going to annul (or already done so) Obama care and when is asked what would replace it? His answer is “something marvelous”. But he has never ever said what had been that marvelous plan. Or he has so far boasted that he would restore American grandeur, but how come he would do that, there has been so far no clear answer.

Another experience or memory from Trump presidency is that after one week that he has taken office, he so far has had no full cabinet, but a few secretaries and officials that need to be adopted by the congress. Reportedly a group of high ranking officials of State Department has resigned and a number of governors and mayors of the big cities and important states have declared that they would not wait for directions of the president and will pursue their own policies. So in these circumstances at home, the question remains to be asked as to how he is going to govern? Truly in the United States it the system that works but unfortunately Trump is making the system a mess-up too. Naturally with his approaches, Trump will fully isolate the United States.

It now sounds the future of the United Sates is as unpredictable as Donald Trump himself. These facts that those who have voted for him in last election should have appreciated and may be have come to a hard conclusion. Moreover may be this “Marvel of the third millennium”! as one of his colleague and staunch supporter has called him, has something that can make a miracle that he will disclose at appropriate time. However there is only one thing that is predictable, that is those who have voted for Trump should not hope for a utopian that he has promised or has made in his mind.

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