Sunday, 22 March, 2020

Willingness of Congress to Beat the Clock on Iran’s Deal

By: Mohammad Hossein Boroumand

It is a long time they stand on the other side of the world. It means that we are not in the same boat. Each has its own. We are in our ramshackle shack and they are afloat in their mind-boggling turf! It seems that the West is the best, disregarding the rest.

It is a long time they use their own policy towards the leftovers. World folks should go wherever they go. If not, all options are on the table. For those countries which got wretched, they show their vicious teeth but for the rest, sanctions can be the best test. For example, Iran has been pushed to lag behind the world due to its subtlety.

The sound of sanctions reminds us of our resounding success over dependence. It is the destiny of any nations seeking for the fresh air of freedom. But it is the time for Iranians to breathe easily; that’s to say, hawkish Senators in the Congress hold off passing further sanctions against Iran. As Obama believes, let’s give the diplomacy a chance; hence, it can be regarded as the best time to make a deal and extinguish the flammable debates, having lingered for many years.

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