Friday, 14 August, 2020

Wisdom at Service of Islamic and National Interests

From the beginning of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, US and its allies have placed limitations on Iran because they lost their political, economic, and security interests, having had in Iran for many years. During those years, the strategy of Iran was invariably to find solutions for such limitations, insisting on complying with revolutionary principles. When IAEA put limitations on Iran’s nuclear program, Iran had commercial, political, and financial relationships with the western countries in order not to be involved in conspiracies such as Security Council as well as proposal of any resolutions.
After two years of voluntary suspension in the early last decade, Iran started enriching Uranium. Such action, taken due to IAEA noncompliance, created a negative atmosphere against Iran; in other words, Iran’s opponents portrayed Iran as a threat to international security by making a negative atmosphere against this country.
Such atmosphere got worse when some Iranian top officials indicated such Resolutions, passed by UN Security Council, as scraps. Attempts of those who know the mechanisms and procedures of such organizations to be cautious about Iran’s nuclear program were futile. In this respect, 6 Resolutions against Iran have been passed with the help of Israeli lobbies and Iran has been depicted as a threat to international security.
During two recent years, atmosphere of interaction has been gradually created due to decree of Iran’s Supreme Leader, insisting on peaceful nature of nuclear program as well as diplomatic attempts to defend Iran’s legal nuclear rights in the framework of an international deal.
Anyway, in some cases, lack of a clear understanding of international relations’ principles and basics will result in dire consequences. Unfortunately, Iran has found guilty of a crime which has never committed.
Today, Iranian negotiators have made P5+1 recognize Iran’s nuclear rights. On the other hand, public opinion discovered that Iran has sought for peace, stability, and security of mankind. Consequently, as Supreme Leader said “All nations are obliged to support Iranian negotiators.”

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