Thursday, 16 January, 2020

Zarif: Netanyahu cannot criticize Iran after boasting of Israeli missiles

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “warmonger,” and said that Netanyahu is in no position to criticize Iran’s defensive missile program after publicly bragging about Israel’s firepower.

Zarif’s statement came in reaction to the prime minister’s declaration yesterday that Israeli missiles “can reach any place in the region and any target” during a visit to Israel Aerospace Industries outside of Tel Aviv.

Zarif’ refered to Netanyahu’s August visit to the nuclear center in Dimona, where he said that anyone who threatens Israel with destruction “puts himself in similar danger, and in any case will not achieve his goal.”

In his tweet, Zarif claimed that the West blindly “parrots” Israel’s denouncements of the Iranian missile program, apparently a reference to the clash between Iran and the US at the UN Security Council earlier in the month.

That was not the first time that the US and Iran have quarreled on the international stage. In September, President Donald Trump attacked Iran at the United Nations for comparing US leaders to Nazis.
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